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Scientia is delighted to announce the first release of its brand new, Cloud-based academic timetabling and resource scheduling platform, Syllabus Plus Anywhere.

“This is a landmark step on a journey which we started in early 2016 when we announced this development project at the Scientia User Conference. Whilst functionality is currently limited, users will be able to get a feel for the new data model and the flexibility of Locations – not to mention the intuitive user interface, designed around efficient change management.” Darren Woodward, Head of Product Management
Discover Syllabus Plus Anywhere
Darren Woodward, Head of Product Management, Scientia

None of this will be a surprise to most Scientia customers – it’s been created with them, for them.  More than 40 institutions have participated in detailed User Journey Mapping sessions to ensure that the Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform and its applications can meet the needs of every user type and institution. And that’s just one of the many ways Scientia customers can input to and feedback on our development priorities.

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Darren said, “The functionality and feature-set of Syllabus Plus Anywhere will grow rapidly throughout 2018, delivering full auto-scheduling for academic timetables by the end of the year. We’re bringing our existing Cloud applications such as Resource Booker and Publish onto the Anywhere platform, and users of those applications will see real performance benefits as a result.”

Please speak with your Account Manager for more information about Syllabus Plus Anywhere. By arrangement, Scientia customers have the opportunity to see their data in a demo environment and appraise the new software.

Not yet a Scientia customer? Contact us to discuss our range of market-leading scheduling and resource management solutions for higher and further education institutions.

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