Preferential, proactive and planned support for your Scientia software solutions

Scientia’s Premium Support is an extended customer Service Desk function providing preferential, proactive and planned support of your Scientia application software and environment.  Our aim is to provide a support service which minimises the impact on your internal IT resources, maximising efficiency by having the system support services delivered by experienced Scientia Technical Support Engineers.

Premium Support Service delivers:

  • Improved Service Level
  • Quarterly Performance Review
  • Dedicated Premium Support Team
  • Proactive system management
  • Planned support services
  • Preferential engagement
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"Money well spent!"

John Horngold, Head of Application Services, King's College London

“It’s comforting to know that the most serious issues will be fixed faster than they would with standard support.”

Hannah Evans, Head of Timetabling, City, University of London

Premium Support at King's College London

Following a successful one-year trial, King’s College London (KCL) signed up to a three-year Scientia Premium Service plan.

Premium Support at City, University of London

Without the internal IT resource to support its timetabling team, City approached Scientia, and together we created a bespoke ‘Gold Service’ package—the blueprint for today’s Premium Support service. Find out why they’ve stuck with it.

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