Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the student experience with our sector-leading timetabling and resource management solutions.

Our solutions cover these main areas

Syllabus Plus Anywhere

A revolutionary evolution

Syllabus Plus Anywhere is the brand new Cloud platform which supports Scientia’s academic timetabling and resource scheduling applications.

Flexible, scalable, performant and secure, Syllabus Plus Anywhere enables you to manage your institution’s timetabling and resource scheduling requirements from anywhere, on any device through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


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Overcoming complex problems

Thousands of students and staff, hundreds of teaching spaces, and innumerable bookable resource items. Our sector-leading timetabling solutions ensure that you make the best use of your people, places and things.

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Picture of students sitting an exam


Complete management of the exams process

An effective, efficient examinations process is a vital part of every academic institution. With high stakes for students and reputational risk for you, getting the process right is critical. How do you balance a wide range of needs, expectations and resources to deliver exams that work for everyone?

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Picture of students booking rooms and resources online

Room and resource booking

Empower students and staff to make and manage their own bookings

Your people, places and things are your most valuable assets; managing them effectively is one of the biggest challenges faced by education institutions today.

Empower students and staff to make and manage their own room and resource bookings. Drive up student satisfaction and optimise resource utilisation whilst reducing the administrative burden on your institution.

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Space Management

Get actionable insights on space utilisation

Institutions are increasingly reaching the limits of their teaching capacity. Growth in student numbers frequently outpaces capital building programmes. Creating new buildings is expensive, time-consuming, and not always possible.

Scientia’s space management solutions enable you to schedule more activities and increase student numbers, all within your existing building capacity.

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picture showing software integration


Seamless connections between your business-critical applications

From space management to automated lecture video capture, the benefits of integrating timetable data with other university systems can be seen right across the campus.

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Actionable insights from your timetable data

Get greater visibility of every aspect of your timetabling data. Understand how your resources are being used, easily measure progress against targets and communicate business-critical information.

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Delivery Services

Smart scheduling solutions delivered by people who know you and your business

Our people are your greatest asset. From expert business consultancy and technical delivery to training and support, our people ensure that you get the most out of your software.

From start-up and implementation to business process reviews, space modelling, staff training and project planning, our expertise ensures that you maximise your investment in our products.

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