Overcoming complex problems

At its core, timetabling is putting the right people and things in the right place, at the right time. Sounds simple.

Now imagine there are thousands of students and staff – each with different constraints on their availability, hundreds of teaching spaces across multiple campuses, and innumerable bookable resource items, from lab equipment to car parking spaces.

How do you ensure that the resulting scheduled activities make the best use of your people, places and things?

Innovation that’s built on experience

We’re the global market leader in academic timetabling for a reason. Timetabler – our brand new, Cloud-based timetabling solution – builds on nearly 30-years of experience.

Built on our new Syllabus Plus Anywhere Cloud platform, Timetabler brings greater flexibility, improved efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership. Manage your institution’s timetabling requirements from anywhere, on any device through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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Scientia staff looking at timetabling software

At the heart of your institution

Our solutions move timetabling from a necessary service to a valuable strategic resource at your intuition. Powerful reporting means greater data visibility and actionable insights, ensuring your decisions are evidence-based.

Our solutions are proven to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and improve the student experience. Better management of your planning and scheduling processes means optimised space, time and equipment.

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Our Timetabling Products

  • Student Allocator

    Improve student satisfaction with personalised timetables.

  • Web Data Collector

    Web Data Collector saves you time and administrative effort collecting timetabling preferences from departments and helps improve the accuracy of data.

  • Enterprise Activity Adjuster

    Enterprise Activity Adjuster is an online portal designed to support users who need to make incremental adjustments to an existing timetable quickly and easily whilst on the move.

  • Enterprise Foundation

    Enterprise Foundation is the market-leading timetabling solution for higher education institutions worldwide.

  • Publish

    Improve student and staff satisfaction with personalised timetables delivered direct to their fingertips. Whether you need to deliver a timetable to a staff member’s mobile phone, notify a student of a last minute location change for this afternoon’s seminar, or feed a digital sign with a room timetable in a building’s reception area, Publish has it covered.