Our portfolio of products.

Our timetabling and resource management products are at the heart of hundreds of leading institutions across the globe. Get in touch to find out more.

Syllabus Plus Anywhere

  • Timetabler

    Cloud timetabling is the natural progression from Enterprise Foundation – or any of our current on-premise timetabling solutions. It will deliver unparalleled scheduling functionality and usability combined with the flexibility of the Cloud: remote access, automated releases, scalability and a lower total cost of ownership.


  • Student Allocator

    Improve student satisfaction with personalised timetables.

  • Web Data Collector

    Web Data Collector saves you time and administrative effort collecting timetabling preferences from departments and helps improve the accuracy of data.

  • Enterprise Activity Adjuster

    Enterprise Activity Adjuster is an online portal designed to support users who need to make incremental adjustments to an existing timetable quickly and easily whilst on the move.

  • Enterprise Foundation

    Enterprise Foundation is the market-leading timetabling solution for higher education institutions worldwide.

  • Publish

    Improve student and staff satisfaction with personalised timetables delivered direct to their fingertips. Whether you need to deliver a timetable to a staff member’s mobile phone, notify a student of a last minute location change for this afternoon’s seminar, or feed a digital sign with a room timetable in a building’s reception area, Publish has it covered.


  • Exam Management System

    Exam Management System (EMS) is the all-in-one solution for managing exams, at your institution. Optimise your students’ experience by reducing operational risks and save time and money in the process.

  • Exam Scheduler

    Optimising students’ exam experience.

Room and resource booking

  • Resource Booker

    Make better use of resources by making it easier for staff and students to discover and book their own rooms and resource on any device.

Space Management

  • Clocks

    Clocks – short for Classroom Occupancy System – is the groundbreaking ‘campus intelligence’ solution developed by our partners, Lone Rooftop to calculate the position of people inside a building, primarily using existing WiFi networks.


  • Report Manager and Packs

    Unlock the intelligence from your timetabling data

  • Imprest

    Improve the management of your project portfolio

  • Staff Workload Planner

    Staff Workload Planner helps universities gain greater visibility of the activities of staff, enabling them to produce reports on how their human resources are being utilised.

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