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Scientia's Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform

The Anywhere Platform

Syllabus Plus Anywhere is an integrated Cloud platform which supports all your timetabling and resource scheduling requirements. Our new architecture and design approach delivers a range of innovative new Cloud-based applications, with huge capacity for rapid responsiveness to an ever-changing tertiary education market.

Cloud timetabling


Say goodbye to ‘big box’, one-size-fits-all solutions. Syllabus Plus Anywhere gives you the ability to scale up (or down) with ease, without further investment in hardware.

Lower total cost of ownership

Save on hardware costs and on-premise consultancy time. Reclaim server space. Get the latest releases installed remotely by the expert service provider: us.

Access from anywhere

With flexible working practices becoming more common, the ability to access business-critical data from anywhere is vital. Responsive design means usability across multiple devices.

Single, unified solution

A single, unified solution

The Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform serves all your Scientia timetabling and resource scheduling applications from a single data set. A common source of data means no inconsistencies between applications and no need for data integration, saving you time and money.

Performant and robust

In today’s challenging education climate, making the most of the people, places and things at your institution is more important than ever. Resource optimisation is the key to achieving institutional goals such as increasing space, reducing costs and improving satisfaction.

Syllabus Plus Anywhere makes the processes which underpin effective resource utilisation faster and more efficient. The robust microservices architecture responds rapidly to even the most complex demands.


A strategic resource for the whole institution

Syllabus Plus Anywhere moves timetabling from a necessary back office service to a valuable strategic resource at your intuition. It’s a complete planning and scheduling solution which goes way beyond putting students and staff in a room together.

Powerful reporting and audit tools means actionable insights are at your fingertips. From space modelling to academic workload planning, Syllabus Plus Anywhere enables you to make evidence-based decisions.

A perfect fit, whatever your shape or size

Syllabus Plus Anywhere is designed to be scalable to meet the needs of large and complex institutions as well as smaller, specialist delivery organisations.

The microservices model underpinning Syllabus Plus Anywhere means we can licence, configure and scale solutions to meet your specific needs.

Seamless integration

From student records systems to lecture video capture, Syllabus Plus Anywhere enables you to reap the benefits of seamless integration with your other business-critical applications.

Improve the quality of your data and save time by managing a single dataset. Automate a huge range of campus processes based on the timetable, from climate control and cleaning to security systems.

Cloud timetabling

  • Timetabler

    Cloud timetabling is the natural progression from Enterprise Foundation – or any of our current on-premise timetabling solutions. It will deliver unparalleled scheduling functionality and usability combined with the flexibility of the Cloud: remote access, automated releases, scalability and a lower total cost of ownership.