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Accommodate the diverse and conflicting interests of stakeholders, bringing clarity to the complexity of academic assessment

A different kind of complexity

Exam scheduling presents unique challenges for university timetablers: the potential for students from different courses to sit exams in the same room, or the same course group spread over many rooms; and the additional complexity of ensuring the right number of correctly-skilled invigilators are present. Our powerful exam timetable software simplifies one of the most complex scheduling challenges.

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Simplifying the exams management process

Exam Management System works in parallel to deliver a range of essential exam management functions through an intuitive, Cloud-based interface, covering everything from exam paper management to recording and reporting in the session.

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Balanced timetables, better outcomes

Our solutions make it easier to balance a student’s exam load across the exam period, giving them the best chance of performing well. No wonder our clients consistently dominate the top spots in student surveys worldwide. Give your students individual, optimised exam timetables along with prompt change notification.

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Removing barriers to access, participation and achievement

Our solutions ensure that inclusive teaching and learning strategies extend into the exam room. We help you to support students who need extra provision by providing tailored exam experiences to meet the particular needs of the student.

“Exam Scheduler brings a step-change in how we manage our exams, bringing data, scheduling power and reporting for many more of our exam processes into one system.”

Dr Julian Moss, Head of Student Academic Services, University of Liverpool


Connect links our exams solutions with your Student Records System. Get accurate and efficient exam timetables, cleaner data and reduced workload by removing duplication.

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As an institution, did you pass or fail? How was your use of room stock? Were exam papers developed in time?  How do sittings compare year on year? Make evidence based decisions to improve your exams processes based on robust, easily-accessible data within the solution.

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Smart solutions delivered by people who know you and your business

From expert consultancy to technical support, we know exactly what your institution needs from an exams solution. It all starts with a conversation.

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