Today’s Higher Education Institutions face a rapidly-evolving landscape with increased competition, regulatory change, the need to optimise resources whilst improving the student experience, the adoption of shared services, resources and curriculum and swift advances in technology.

Before we even think about your software solution, we get to know your institution and its strategic timetabling objectives. Almost 30 years’ experience has taught us that changing the processes, policy and culture that underpin your timetabling approach is as valuable as the software itself.

picture of Scientia Business Consultancy

Business consultancy

Scientia’s expert Business Consultants have a wealth of experience in leading scheduling practice across the sector. We will review your requirements and processes with you. Whether you need to upgrade, add to your Scientia product portfolio or completely transform your approach to timetabling, our expertise will help you to maximise your investment.

Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy encompasses a range of services undertaken during an implementation project, from software installation and configuration to data analysis and implementation guidance.

Most Technical Consultancy services are bespoke and specific to your institutional requirements. However, we have also developed a number of standardised consultancy packages for the most common integrations between our own products and other third-party applications.


We offer a wide range of hands-on training courses to help users to get the most value from your investment. Delivered at your institution, these courses will help to familiarise users with many fundamental aspects of our software. They are cost-effective and complementary to our bespoke Business Consultancy services.

We can help you to identify which courses are most suitable for your needs and discuss the costs and timing. Existing customers should speak with their Account Manager to find out more.



The successful installation of our software products at your institution is just the beginning of your relationship with Scientia. Positive user experience is paramount to us. We provide technical product support through our Self-service Portal, by phone, realtime web chat and email. We’ve got you covered.

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