Scientia User Conference 2018 | Day 2 Review | Exams

May 25, 2018, By Liz Priestley

Rose Kirkpatrick, Product Manager, Exams

To say that Rose Kirkpatrick, our new Product Manager for Exams Solutions, has been busy these past few months is an understatement. Formerly a Cyon Business Consultant, Rose debuted in this role at the Scientia User Conference back in March, where she presented her vision for an integrated Exams application which combines the best of Exam Scheduler and Exam Management System – built, of course, on our new Syllabus Plus Anywhere cloud scheduling platform.

An Exams stream has become a feature of the Thursday at Scientia’s annual User Conference.  This enables users solely focussed on the scheduling and management of university exams to get the best value from a single, immersive day. Delegates were able to attend no fewer than six exam-themed sessions, some led by Rose and others presented by users, looking at everything from supporting students with additional requirements to simplifying the exam invigilation process with EMS.

Since the Conference, Rose has challenged herself to visit as many clients as possible, both in EMEA and APAC, where she’s based. Just as we’ve done with our User Journey Mapping process for timetabling, Rose is keen to understand how customers using our Exams applications use them now, what they like, what their ‘pain points’ are, and what they expect of a cloud-based exam scheduling tool.

Those conversations will feed into the development of our cloud-based exam scheduling application, due for release next year. For now, here are Rose’s observations on her first Conference as Product Manager for Exams:

“Looking back on my first Exams Day at the Scientia User Conference, what struck me was the wonderfully engaged group of colleagues who were committed to achieving the best outcomes for students, whilst upholding academic integrity. I was struck by the comradery and the willingness to share and assist each other as you discussed your issues and challenges. My hope is that the Scientia User Conference becomes a place where you can share and challenge each other to achieve best practice, developing a community of knowledge to enhance the sector.”

“Thank you to all those who have shared with me your issues and your enhancement requests. We will be contacting you all again in the near future to review enhancement ideas for handling the needs of students who require extra provisions for their exam delivery. Thank you for the warm welcome that I received and the willingness you showed in sharing your stories with me. I look forward to working with you all over the coming years.”

Rose Kirkpatrick, Product Manager, Exams
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