Five Reasons to Choose Scientia | #1: History & Heritage

July 24, 2018, By Liz Priestley

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Over the next five weeks, we’ll be taking a deep dive into five key reasons why Scientia is the leading provider of academic timetabling and resource scheduling solutions.

#1: 30 Years of Scheduling Excellence

Scientia Limited was incorporated on 26 October 1988, so we’re fast approaching our 30th birthday!  Syllabus – our first timetabling system for schools – was launched in December 1989, which is why we celebrated our silver jubilee in 2014, and we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary next year in 2019.

Syllabus, our original timetable software for schools, contained the first version of Scientia’s GENIE scheduling engine, which we further developed for Syllabus Plus – our first product for universities and colleges.  Syllabus Plus evolved throughout the 1990s to incorporate multi-user scheduling, auto-scheduling and continuous performance improvements.

1996 was a big year for Scientia: the first version of Exam Scheduler was released, ensuring that students would not only get a clash-free exam period, but that exams would be spread out to give students the best chance of success – and make optimal use of limited room stock.  In Australia, Cyon, our subsidiary company in the Asia-Pacific region, is contracted by the Australian government to supply the Syllabus Plus product suite to its universities.  We still supply more than 90% of Australian universities today.

The Roaring Noughties

As our market share grew, so did our product line – including many predecessors of today’s applications, such as Web Room Booking, the forebear of Resource BookerStudent Allocator brought the self-service model to online course module selection.  Staff Workload Planner gave institutions insight into their staff’s schedules.

This era also saw the start of a major focus on integration solutions via the Syllabus Plus Data Adapter (SPDA) – the predecessor of Connect – enabling us to integrate our software with other business-critical applications such as student records systems.

Syllabus Plus Enterprise Course Planner dashboard

In 2008, a major overhaul of Syllabus Plus saw the release of our current market-leading timetable scheduling suite, Enterprise Foundation – still the number-one choice for higher and further education institutions worldwide.

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2010 Plus Change

The first half of this decade saw a new version of Exam Scheduler released.  We acquired DataVisibility Ltd and its Imprest solution for managing capital building projects and programmes, creating another subsidiary: Scientia P3M.

The latter half of the 2010s has been about one thing: moving to the cloud and developing Scientia’s next generation of applications and services.

Scientia Cloud Platform

The Scientia Cloud Platform

In 2015, the Scientia Cloud Platform was launched to support our first two cloud applications, Publish and Resource Booker, with Exam Management System following hot on its heels.  Syllabus Plus Anywhere – our brand new cloud scheduling platform – is waiting in the wings; look out for news about our new cloud timetabling application very soon!

30 Years of Constants

Software has only ever been only one element of our customers’ success in effectively managing their time, space and equipment.  Our people have always been your greatest asset – and some of them have been with us for almost as long as we’ve existed.  In the niche world of academic scheduling, that’s a huge advantage: they’ve been on the same growth journey as our customers.  As our customer base has grown to nearly 400 clients in 29 countries worldwide, so has our Delivery Services offer, which now includes:

  • Almost 20 Business and Technical Consultants worldwide providing value-adding experience on everything from Business Process Reviews to bespoke software integrations
  • Support functions in EMEA and APAC, enabling us to deliver 24/5 support in seven languages over the phone, email, Customer Portal and live chat
  • A bank of over 600 Knowledge Items, giving customers the answers to a huge range of queries

And, despite our global growth, our head office is still in Cambridge, UK, where it all began nearly 30 years ago.  Here’s to the next 30!

Look out for our next #Scientia5reasons which showcases at our unmatched Consultancy offer.

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