Five Reasons to Choose Scientia | #2: Consultancy

August 7, 2018, By Liz Priestley


Welcome to part two in our series of deep dives into the key reasons why Scientia is the leading provider of academic timetabling and resource scheduling solutions.

#2: Expert Business & Technical Consultancy

You’ve seen the Scientia website, been on a product webinar, read some case studies – maybe even spoken to an Account Manager.  You can see the myriad benefits of using Scientia’s timetabling and resource booking applications.  But before we even think about your software solution, we get to know your institution and its strategic objectives. Almost 30 years’ experience has taught us that changing the processes, policy and culture that underpin your timetabling approach is as valuable as the software itself.

We believe that our consultancy offer is unmatched in the academic timetabling sector.  With close to 20 Business and Technical Consultants worldwide providing value-adding experience on everything from Business Process Reviews to bespoke software integrations, you can be sure you’re getting the most from your investment in Scientia’s scheduling software.

Business Process Reviews

A Business Process Review can be the vital first-step on the road to significantly improving the outcomes of your institution’s strategic objectives.  These might include clash free timetables, improved space utilisation, protecting staff time for research, and comprehensive, reliable management information.  A key aspect of our review process will be to understand those objectives, their context and detail.

We will use business process mapping to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the way your institution’s timetabling is undertaken so that it can be analysed, measured, improved and managed through business process re‐engineering. This picture will include the relationships between timetabling and other institutional processes and systems.

Understanding and measuring the existing process will allow weaknesses to be identified and baselines established for future improvement. Furthermore this will facilitate evaluation of the nature and extent of the improvements required to close the gap between the current and desired position and inform the establishment of benchmarks for the re‐engineering process.

Business Process Re‐Engineering recommendations will be informed by understanding and knowledge of IT capabilities and underpinned by IT development and management. Benefits and costs of change will be evaluated in the context of institutional imperatives and priorities and the re-engineered process will provide an institutional framework for the management of timetabling.

The success of business process reviews depends significantly on the people that do it; their motivation, creativity and detailed knowledge.  Scientia’s Delivery Services team provides highly motivated and committed specialists who understand both the issues that commonly endanger such projects and the opportunities to secure success.

Poacher turned gamekeeper

Many of our Consultants have been on the other side of the fence; that is, they have previously been in strategic higher education roles, often working with our Syllabus Plus scheduling software as an end-user.  As such, they have a finely-tuned understanding of what an academic institution wants from its timetabling software, which is arguably as important as is student records system.  They understand the need for these business-critical systems to integrate seamlessly, meaning that, for example, changes in one system appear automatically in the other, so reducing duplication of effort and resulting in cleaner data.  They understand that an institution’s natural reaction to being short of space is to build more teaching rooms, when they could optimise the space they have for a fraction of the cost.

Recognising that our people are your greatest asset, we’re in the process of profiling all our consultants so that our current and future customers can gain a greater understanding of the broad range of skills and experience on offer to them.  Look out for those over the coming weeks!

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