In 2015 we announced the launch of the Scientia Cloud Platform – the infrastructure and services which increasingly support our solutions, and which will underpin our forthcoming Cloud-based scheduling application. Clients across the globe are already taking advantage of our Hosting Services and are realising the benefits of off-premise hosting: a secure, scalable, managed service, underpinned by Scientia’s expertise – and at a lower total cost of ownership than many in-house installations. With more and more institutions moving their IT off site, this is a proven migration path for your existing and future Scientia solutions.

Scientia’s timetabling and resource scheduling solutions are currently a hybrid: on-premise software installations do the ‘heavy-lifting’, whilst browser-based apps such as Exam Management System, Resource Booker and Publish give users the ability to manage much of the functionality from any device with a web connection. That’s changing: the development of a fully Cloud-based Scientia scheduling solution is well under way.

We’re the global market leader in academic timetabling for a reason. Our next-generation scheduling tool builds on nearly 30-years of experience to deliver a solution which marries the functionality you need with the flexibility of the Cloud. Manage your institution’s timetabling and resource management requirements from anywhere, on any device through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. A cost-neutral migration path ensures you can use our solutions today without worrying about obsolescence.

Security and privacy are naturally key concerns for our clients, and are therefore primary considerations in the development of our new solution. Our existing Cloud products have already passed rigorous industry-standard security checks, with independent verification. The future Cloud solution will be hosted in either a public or private Cloud, giving you even greater choice and reassurance. We can also offer end-to-end data-masking.

Ideas Manager: a truly collaborative approach to software development

Development ideas come from both clients’ suggestions and our Product Managers’ deep understanding of the sector’s processes and needs. In March, we launched Ideas Manager – a way for our clients to have a say in the development of our solutions. This reinforces how collaborative the development process is at Scientia; we focus our development resources according to the most-requested features, voted for by our customers. Submissions to Ideas Manager have already been implemented in our current solutions, reaffirming our commitment to the continued development of our existing applications.

Roadmaps and Communication: keeping you informed

Throughout 2016, our Product Management team has been publishing Roadmaps for all our products and services. Scientia customers can access these through their local Account Manager. Further developments will be communicated via our Webinar programme, and presented in person at one of our many regional User Groups.

We’re always listening. Contact us with any questions you may have about our next-generation scheduling solution.

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