Web Data Collector

Collect your timetabling data quickly and easily

Web Data Collector (WDC) saves you time and administrative effort collecting timetabling preferences from departments and helps improve the accuracy of data.

Collect your data easily and more accurately

WDC or helps to improve data quality by removing the step of manual inputting and by standardising the way data is collected. Data collected accurately at source results in a better quality timetable. Collect your data easily and more accurately from facilities via an online interface.

Enterprise Foundation

WDC integrates directly with Enterprise Foundation saving time in collecting and inputting data. It also enables you to construct the way you collect the data so that it corresponds with the data that is structured in Enterprise Foundation. No more paper forms or spreadsheets.

User-Friendly easy to use system

The system is user-friendly and enables you to improve the service you provide to your stakeholders. It can be customised to mirror your brand guidelines and conform to your corporate style.


WDC helps you to build questions in the best possible way to improve the quality of data. The questions create a web form which can be personalised to suit your institution’s terminology e.g. you might prefer course instead of module. The web form can be standardised to ensure that everyone enters the same data.

Exporting Data

You can export data from Enterprise Foundation to WDC to populate the web form. It is possible to restrict which data gets imported into WDC. Additionally, you can export activities if you decide to roll over one year’s timetable to the next.