The latest evolution in academic timetabling solutions from Scientia

Syllabus Plus Anywhere's Timetabler is the natural progression from Enterprise Foundation - or any of our current on-premise timetabling solutions. It delivers unparalleled scheduling functionality and usability combined with the flexibility of the Cloud.
User experience

A better user experience

Providing an exemplary user experience is at the heart of our new cloud timetabling application. Features include:

  • Internationalisation, reflecting our global customer base
  • Personalisation of individual preferences such as language settings, saved filters and searches
  • AA Accessibility standards applied to all public-facing views
  • Customisable logo and colour choices in the interface
  • Access to contextual help files from within the application
  • Responsively-designed user interface
Made by us, designed by you

Flexible locations

Model a physical space, partitions of that space and configurations of those partitions. Imagine a teaching space with a moveable dividing wall. The single space can be configured in multiple ways, each with a different capacity. Alternatively, the dividing wall can be deployed creating two partitions. Each partition may also have multiple configurations.

The application understands that partitions of the same space can be used at the same time for different things, while different configurations of the same space or partition cannot be used at the same time and a gap may be required between activities in order to change the configuration.

Managing timetable changes

The application empowers users to manage change to timetables in fundamentally better ways. Drag-and-drop, add, delete and swap resources by class, occurrence group or individual occurrences.

The Occurrence model replaces Variance in giving users an ability to create a varied delivery for a class without the need for child records. If there is variation in delivery, the timetable grid consolidates all Occurrences that share time, duration and day to provide a much cleaner display.  Side panels slide in to give a single point for reviewing and amending resources and setting.

Timetable view for an activity

A tutor has requested an alternative room for two future occurrences of their scheduled activity. The timetabler clicks 'view all' occurrences.

Making a change to the selected occurrence

The Timetabler selects the two occurrences in question and selects 'edit location'.

Finding an alternative room

The application brings up all available rooms which are suitable for the occurrence. With one click, the timetabler can either swap or add a new room to the occurrence.

  • Auditing

    A comprehensive audit tool will run through all applications on the Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform. Users have the ability to produce, export and print from core data views within the core timetabling application.

  • Reporting

    Powerful reporting tools deliver greater data visibility and actionable insights, ensuring your decisions are evidence-based. The ability to measure progress against targets is at your fingertips.

  • Integration

    Syllabus Plus Anywhere will deliver seamless connections between its applications and other business-critical software at your institution, from student records systems to enterprise email.

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