Staff Workload Planner

Staff Workload Planner (SWP) helps universities gain greater visibility of the activities of staff.

Staff Workload Planner (SWP) enables staff to produce reports on how their human resources are being utilised for regulatory purposes. SWP can be used to model real availability and work with Enterprise Foundation activities.

Plan courses and evaluate staffing

By easily identifying issues that exist in individual staff workloads and overall staffing levels, Staff Workload Planner enables institutions to plan the delivery of new or existing courses. Academic workload management is subsequently improved.

Provide up to date reports

With reports and submissions to regulatory bodies becoming a common requirement, Staff Workload Planner allows for the accurate preparation of the supporting staff utilisation data required. You can also report by activity, staff groupings, department or type of work.

Assesment of workload

Staff Workload Planner can allow for the balancing of individual workloads to ensure staff time is allocated for all academic activities. It is also useable throughout the planning and timetabling cycle from pre-timetabling staff headcount calculations, through day to day workload balance.


  • Report by staff on tasks they actually carry out such as research, administrative functions, courses run and managed
  • The software is fully supported on Oracle and SQL Server platforms and integrates with Enterprise Foundation


  • Reduces the administrative load of producing reports. Once the reports have been produced they can easily be exported
  • Saves time dealing with enquiries
  • The software assists you in complying with contractual and legal obligations to staff, making sure agreed working hours are not exceeded and workplace agreements are honoured