Exam Scheduler

Exam Scheduler is an easy-to-use graphical scheduling tool that can enhance student experience through balanced exam timetables, optimise use of rooms, staff and invigilators across multiple campuses, whilst fully supporting students needing alternative provisions.

Improve student experience

Exam scheduler is our market-leading exam timetable software for higher education institutions. It automatically takes into account user adjustable constraints, which can include student overloading, back-to-back exams, and minimising disruption during exams by avoiding a mixture of durations in the same session. This ensures all an institution’s requirements are considered when building an exam timetable.


Easy to use, configuarable and powerful

Exam Scheduler provides support for multiple users and multiple exam periods in one database. Each user can define and reuse filters to enable them to work with relevant data. Invigilators can be autoallocated to sessions based on their availabilities and the roles to be carried out. Seating plans can be defined and students allocated seats based either automatically or manually.

Helps reduce cost

Utilising Exam Scheduler enables exams to be scheduled more efficiently, reducing the cost of administration and the need for hiring external space and invigilators. The ability to create early draft exam schedules enables you to understand predicted space requirements and to plan ahead for successful and cost-efficient exam periods.

Exams Management Solutions

Exam Scheduler has been designed to complement and benefit Exam Management System. While the two products can be used independently the full benefits are realised when they are used together and the time-sharing capabilities become apparent.



The software takes into account the skills and availability of invigilators when scheduling exams. Up to date timetables can be made available to invigilators via their mobile devices.

Publishing Exam Timetables

Up to date timetables can be made available to all staff and staff via their mobile devices or accessible through the web. Seating plans can be printed for display in exam venues and analytic reports detailing room and invigilator utilisation are available to allow pre and post exam analysis to be carried out.

Support for students

Exam Scheduler can automatically take a student’s needs into
account and allocate students additional reading or writing time,
alternative papers or assistants—or ensure they are timetabled intorooms that meet their particular requirements.

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