Enterprise Foundation

The market-leading timetable software solution for higher education institutions worldwide

Enterprise Foundation helps institutions to increase their efficiency, allow greater course choices using existing resources, enhance student satisfaction whilst empowering staff and students.

A powerful, yet easy-to-use timetabling solution

It supports fully automated, entirely manual or a combined approach to timetabling so that the user always has the power of the scheduling engine available whilst maintaining complete control.

Enterprise Foundation timetable software is designed with the flexibility to allow an institution to operate with a specialist central timetabling group, with local timetablers in each department, or with a combination of the two approaches. Enterprise foundation is proven and successful at resolving even complex timetabling scenarios.

Instant advice when scheduling

Scheduling can be done as data becomes available without changing everything that has been scheduled already. In addition, Enterprise Foundation supports ’dynamic scheduling’, so when adjustments are needed the system provides instant advice on alternative solutions.

Ensures that clash-free timetables can be produced. It also supports the scheduling of all planned activities using the resources available.


Enterprise Foundation can integrate with your students records, HR and estates systems to reduce time spent manually inputting information, saving the institution money.

Course Planner

Intelligently analyses estimates of demand to plan the correct number of activities. A management dashboard alerts the user to discrepancies between supply and expected demand.

Reference Data Manager

Allows the user to administer resources such as academic staff and teaching locations, as well as their properties such as room suitability and capacity, availability and preferred working patterns.

Reporting Database

Presents timetable and other related data in a format that makes it easy to access meaningful management information. Custom reports can be created using standard reporting tools or can be engineered by Scientia to match your requirements.

Personalised View

The user can personalise the software to show the information required in an order that suites their task. Personalisation is remembered every time you use the software so that it learns how you like to work.

Authorisation Manager

Allows you to control who has access to which functionality in Enterprise Foundation, as well as limiting the data they can see and edit.

“…we empowered the staff within each school to take responsibility for their own timetables…we expect vast improvements for the 2016/17 timetable.”

Penny Charlish-Jackson, University of Hertfordshire
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Find out how Flinders University used Enterprise Foundation with their new campus. For more information on Enterprise Foundation, contact us.

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