Connect is a scalable integration solution that enables users to perform data transfers between the Scientia product suite and other third party applications such as the university student record system.

Connect enables rapid read and write data transfers for supported applications. Data interfaces can be viewed and managed within the intuitive web based Connect Portal, from where data can be exchanged and transformed between desired party applications and databases.

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"We needed best-in-class integration between two of our most important applications: timetabling and student records. That solution was Connect."

Andy Ross, University of Dundee

"Connect offers a high performance solution to a complex problem. The biggest benefit is the transparency of Connect. We are able to see what Connect is actually doing - what data is coming from the source and how it will appear in the target application."

Ger Hagens, Maastrict University

Exchange Connect

Empower your academic staff by integrating their teaching timetable with their Outlook calendar.

Exchange Connect enables institutions to synchronise staff calendars in Enterprise Foundation with their everyday Outlook calendars. Connect extracts activity information from Enterprise including activity name, description, start and end time, staff member and location. It validates against Microsoft Exchange and updates Outlook appropriately, whether to insert new calendar appointment or to update or cancel existing events.

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"One of the most important benefits is that teaching staff can see all their scheduled teaching activities in their main Outlook calendar and no longer have to visit a separate webpage."

Aarhus University


Scientia Connect Integration Packages (SCIPs)

SCIPs offers a number of proven integration packages between Scientia scheduling applications and a range of other third-party software products.

Each integration package combines the knowledge and insight gained from previously-delivered integration projects to provide a clearly-defined, consistent scope. For each SCIP, Scientia provides a full dedicated testing environment before a carefully-planned transition to a production environment.

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Dundee University integrates Syllabus Plus with Tribal SITS
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