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Partnerships work entirely because they are more than the sum of their parts.

 We form partnerships with companies which lead the field in their area, delivering solutions which complement and add value to our own products and services.

Working together

Shared goals, shared outcomes

Our technology partnerships enable both parties to broaden their offer and reach whilst maintaining their identity and independence. At the same time, valuable learning occurs from sharing in each other’s culture.

Whether you are a service or technology provider, join a trusted community of proven partners with the shared aim of supporting Higher Education institutions to achieve their goals.

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We have opportunities for suppliers across the Higher Education sector to benefit from our Scientia Technical Partner Programme. Get access to a full suite of documented APIs and knowledgeable support team, plus a range of commercial and marketing benefits.

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Our technology partners

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Scope4mation is Scientia’s commercial partner for the delivery of a comprehensive suite of data management solutions, including robust integration and data privacy tools. Scope4mation are the technology partners behind our Connect platform, helping to integrate data from across a wide range of applications. They also providing innovative functionality to assist our customers in Higher Education to protect sensitive data and comply with GDPR requirements. Scope4mation bring almost 15 years of data management capability and expertise to the Scientia product suite.

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Lone Rooftop

Lone Rooftop are Scientia commercial partners offering realtime occupancy and utilisation platforms for the next generation of data-driven timetabling, facilities & real estate teams. Lone Rooftop’s technology solutions, complete with full integration with Scientia’s timetable data, can quickly transform University estate into intelligent buildings by using wifi data sources that are already present and is fully supported by leading network providers Cisco and Aruba Networks.

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Intuitive Business Intelligence

Intuitive Business Intelligence are Scientia’s partner for the supply of data visualisation and dashboarding tools to enhance operational performance. Intuitive’s suite of dashboards, developed in collaboration with Scientia consultants, provide clarity on key performance areas and enable faster and more accurate decision-making. Our solutions provide a single, consolidated view of disparate University management data in an easy-to-understand graphical format, enabling users to quickly drill-down to the root cause of specific business issues.

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MazeMap provides world-class indoor map and wayfinding applications for the higher education sector and beyond. Their solutions enable students, staff, visitors and even service personnel to easily navigate even the largest university campuses in order to quickly and effortlessly locate their next timetabled class or a specific lecture theatre, reading area, computer lab or meeting room that they have booked. It can also quickly identify and guide users to specific points of interest – the nearest café, restrooms, bus stops, parking and more. MazeMap’s wayfinding service primarily uses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to guide users to their destination. It’s fast to deploy and can be integrated into Scientia’s university timetabling and room booking solutions, and made available via self-service kiosks located in busy campus areas. Students of one European institution placed MazeMap first in their list of ‘most important apps for students’. For more information on MazeMap, please contact your Scientia Account Manager.

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Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services that power the essential work of colleges and universities. More than 2,500 institutions in nearly 50 countries rely on Ellucian to enhance operations and enrich the student experience for over 18 million students.

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