When it comes to timetabling, Scientia’s Dutch Clients have the most satisfied students in the Netherlands

July 17, 2018, By Liz Priestley

NSE student satisfaction

The NSE is the benchmark for student satisfaction in the Netherlands

Dutch students aren’t short of choice when it comes to higher and further education courses.  With 13 Research Universities and 41 Universities of Applied Sciences (hogescholen) in the Netherlands, how do students find the course that’s right for them?

Many turn to the Nationale Studente Enquête (NSE) – a wide-ranging survey on the various aspects of the Dutch higher education experience: the programme’s curriculum, acquired skills, career preparation, lecturers, information provided by the programme, study facilities, assessment, study workload, student guidance and, of course, timetables.

Studiekeuze123 | NSE student satisfaction

In an increasingly competitive higher education market, student satisfaction is vital

Performing well in the NSE has become central to a Dutch university’s appeal, with many using its outcomes as part of their marketing strategy.  Most importantly, the NSE is a key feedback tool for Dutch universities, enabling them to improve the academic experience for their current and future students.

Scientia’s solutions are proven to improve student satisfaction around course organisation and space management

For the fifth year running, we’re thrilled to say that, on average, Dutch universities which work with Scientia are rated the best in the Netherlands in the categories related to timetabling and space management.  Our clients continue to perform better than non-Scientia users in these areas:

Non-Scientia-using universities 6.8/10
Scientia’s Dutch university clients 7.8/10
Dutch average 7.0/10


Wittenborg Apeldoorn Campus

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Wittenborg University in particular deserves a mention here, being one of very few Dutch institutions – Scientia clients or not – to improve on its scores from 2017, going against a tide of falling averages in most categories.

Bas van Santen is Internal Researcher & Financial Manager at Wittenborg.  He looks at how the University can improve its internal processes, including timetabling.  After a less-than-satisfying result in the 2016 NSE, implementing Syllabus Plus has helped Wittenborg to climb back up the tables:

“Scientia’s timetabling software is a huge improvement on our old system. After reviewing multiple candidates, Scientia came out on top. Every faculty at Wittenborg has its own way of organising classes. Scientia’s solutions have proven to be flexible enough to allow us to schedule our classes the way we want to. I like the fact that Scientia is constantly developing and further improving its software and possibilities.” Bas van Santen
Read more about Wittenborg's overall NSE performance here
Bas van Santen, Wittenborg

Improve your student timetables to boost your NSE scores

Improving your NSE timetabling scores is about more than just using the right resource scheduling software.  Get in touch to find out how Scientia can help you to attract and retain the best students.

Congratulations to our Dutch clients for a great performance in this year’s NSE.  Here’s to continuous improvement in your student timetables, no matter where you fall in the rankings.

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