MazeMap joins Scientia’s growing roster of technology partners

May 10, 2018, By Liz Priestley

MazeMap announcement

The ‘intelligent campus’ is a concept which has been gathering pace for a few years in the global higher education sector. At its core is the idea that data can be captured, analysed and used to improve the student experience whilst also optimising university resources. It’s an innovation we’re proud to be a part of: we’ve been helping universities to automate processes based on their timetable for years, from lecture video capture to climate control. We partnered with Lone Rooftop in 2016 to bring real-time space occupancy analysis to our customers, enabling institutions to see how rooms are actually being used compared with timetabled use.

Today, we’re announcing our partnership with MazeMap, the global market leader for digital indoor maps and wayfinding solutions for universities. With MazeMap’s indoor maps and positioning application, users of the university campus can search for their next class, a specific meeting room, nearest computer lab, reading room, café, toilet or the most convenient onsite parking – and be guided there via the quickest possible route.

Getting familiar and feeling comfortable with the campus area is not always easy for new students or, indeed, long-time users of large university campuses with many buildings. MazeMap’s wayfinding service can be integrated into our timetabling and room booking solutions as well as made available via self-service kiosks located in busy campus areas. The wayfinding technology primarily uses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to guide users to their destination.

“We are delighted to announce this global partnership with MazeMap. Their innovative technology neatly complements our own Scientia cloud services for timetable publishing and room booking solutions. We see many clear use cases for the MazeMap technology, not just for students but university staff, visitors and other users of the campus. We look forward to engaging with our customers who face challenges with wayfinding right across their institutions.” Jonathan Armstrong, Partner Manager
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Jon Armstrong, Scientia

“We are excited about the partnership with Scientia, which enables MazeMap to reach out to even more students and employees. Whilst Scientia’s products inform students and staff where they should be and when, MazeMap provides full details on the 'where' and how to get there. With just one click from their timetable, a student can see where they need to be and the quickest way to get there.”

Thomas Jelle, CEO at MazeMap

To discuss how MazeMap could help to boost your stakeholder satisfaction, speak with your Scientia Account Manager or contact us.

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