INCAE Business School | Why We Chose Scientia

July 5, 2018, By Liz Priestley

A top international business school needs the best possible timetabling and resource scheduling solution. That’s why AMBA-accredited INCAE chose Scientia and Syllabus Plus.

The Challenge

INCAE’s timetabling processes have not kept pace with its rapid growth.  Its course scheduling procedure is still entirely manual: teaching staff availability is requested and received by email; scheduling is done in Excel spreadsheets; and timetables are published with Google Calendar – one per course.  Students and staff must then subscribe to each course calendar to see their schedule.  If changes are needed, the tutor contacts the Scheduling Officer who looks for the least impactful change.  This is a very time-consuming, resource-intensive and inaccurate process.  INCAE knew it had to update its timetabling system and processes to better serve its elite students and staff.

The Solution

Scientia first came onto INCAE’s radar at an Ellucian Live event in 2015.  We met again at AMBA’s Global Conference in 2016 and 2017, where informal discussions with Professor Luis Umaña, Executive Director of MBA Programs and Juan Pablo Salinas, IT CTO of INCAE Business School, led to more detailed talks with its Registrar.  A comprehensive product demonstration in July 2017 convinced INCAE of the benefits of using our automated, fully-supported timetabling system.

The Outcome

“Scientia wasn’t the only company in the running, but the breadth and depth of their product suite, and the ease with which we will be able to create and manage timetables – in addition to their long history and experience – made it an easy decision to work with them.” Victor Gomez, IT Systems Manager, INCAE Business School
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Victor Gomez INCAE Business School

Having identified Scientia as their preferred timetabling and resource scheduling provider, a fully-costed project proposal went to INCAE’s Board in October 2017 and was approved in December.  We are now in the process of implementing a comprehensive timetabling solution which includes Enterprise Foundation, Publish, Resource Booker, Connect and Staff Workload Planner.

“We’re looking forward to implementing Scientia’s integrated online scheduling platform which we estimate will reduce the entire timetabling process from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days. Autoscheduling, easy reporting, better visibility of how we are using our assets – all this is exciting to us."

With just eight teaching rooms in Costa Rica and four in Nicaragua, we need to put our space to work. We’re sure that Scientia will help us to make better decisions with our limited room stock, and give us more time to make strategic decisions, rather than fix operational problems.”

Victor Gomez, IT Systems Manager, INCAE Business School
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About INCAE Business School

INCAE is an acronym for Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas, which means “Central American Institute of Business Administration” in Spanish.  Started with help from Harvard Business School and modelled on its ‘Case Method’ approach – a participative methodology that leads to the development of an exceptional analytical ability – it quickly grew into what is now widely regarded as one of the leading educational institutions in Latin America.

Underpinning its success is a multinational faculty which teaches exclusively at INCAE, a diverse and international student body representing around 20 countries, and its ethos, which “goes beyond teaching; teaching is only one of the means through which we encourage the development of the region, but parallel to this we encourage the dialogue between institutions, sectors, individuals and countries, and promote the application of our research findings,” says Luis Sanz, Professor at INCAE Business School.

INCAE holds several global accreditations, the newest of which is accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA).  It received this recognition in 2018 and is one of just 250 business schools accredited by AMBA worldwide.

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