Beating space utilisation issues with Clocks

October 4, 2017, By Liz Priestley

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Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) will become the UK’s first Classroom Occupancy System (Clocks) user when it deploys the pioneering space management solution later this year.  SHU has purchased Clocks to inform its 15-year Estates Development Framework, which is currently under development, and is reviewing both current space utilisation and future space requirements.

Donna Cooper, Space Resource Manager at SHU, said, “Space is an expensive resource and we have identified continued issues with staff prospectively booking rooms which they then don’t use; manual room audits and surveys tell us that this is the case.  But with each space audit taking five weeks, they are so time-consuming and expensive that we’ve actually stopped doing them.  Clocks will enable us to see both real-time room use and analyse room use over time – a semester or year.  We’ll be able to compare the data with planned use from Syllabus+ and schedule more appropriately.  It will give us much-needed data on how our spaces are actually being used versus their scheduled use, enabling us to optimise how we use our space.”

Donna and the Facilities & Estates Team will use Clocks data to drive new policy around space use at SHU and find new ways to optimise the use of space. They’ll be working closely with users to find improved ways of booking and managing space: “We’re an inner-city campus with growing demands on our space so we simply have to use what we have as efficiently as possible.”

As a long-term Syllabus+ Enterprise user, Clocks was the obvious choice: “We did look at alternative solutions, but anything else would have required a lot more work to integrate with Syllabus+ and we were impressed with the outcomes from Wageningen UR (the first Clocks users in the Netherlands).  Over time, it will be a lot more cost-effective than manual audits and have a host of other benefits.”

SHU will run a pilot implementation covering five buildings between October and December 2017.  If successful, they will roll it out across the campus in early 2018, with full use in the 2018/19 academic year.  For more information on Clocks, contact us.

lone rooftop clocks dashboard

Clocks dashboard

Clocks helps institutions to optimise space on campus. Compare actual vs scheduled use through an easy-to-use, graphical Dashboard.

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