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What is Idea Manager?

Idea Manager is a third-party application which we use to help organise software development ideas. Our customers are then able to vote for the ideas which they deem a priority. Introduced in 2016, it was initially used to record and share ideas in the area of timetable planning and scheduling. Today, more than 130 of our customers are active users, reading, discussing and voting on the ideas presented there.

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Your ideas for our solutions

Scientia Product Managers gather the ideas from suggestions made through the Self-service Portal as well as interactions with customers and colleagues, such as Account Managers, who may present ideas on behalf of a customer. The Product Manager serves as a filter to prevent the duplication of ideas that could easily happen if all these sources were able to enter ideas directly.

Multiple sites for multiple products

That first Idea Manager site includes some ideas that relate to Syllabus Plus Enterprise – our suite of on-premise scheduling applications – as well as ideas for features we might implement in Syllabus Plus Anywhere, our new Cloud scheduling platform.

More recently, we have introduced another Idea Manager site that we are using to collate ideas and assess development priorities for Resource Booker, our Cloud-based booking application. We will be introducing a further site for our exams applications in 2018.

One account per institution

We issue one Idea Manager account/ login per customer. Giving multiple people voting rights could lead to conflict as they might have different priorities. By giving each customer just one login, we hope to encourage all Scientia software users within an institution to confer and vote according to consensus, where possible.

Idea Manager login

What if my institution has more than one product?

Customers that have both Syllabus Plus and Resource Booker have 15 votes per site/ product that can be used to indicate priorities as and when called for. Voting chips are not shared across products. Product Managers for each area will contact customers to tell them about any poll that is being taken, what candidates are available for voting on, and when the votes will be counted.

Each instance has its own web address. Customers with both products can access Idea Manager through either. Once logged in, it’s easy to switch between Idea Manager sites without logging out and in again through a different URL.

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