Success for Scientia’s Exams Solutions Customers

August 3, 2018, By Liz Priestley

Exam room

Exam scheduling projects go live in EMEA and APAC

We’re happy to share news of successful go-lives for three of Scientia’s UK Exam Scheduler customers:

  • The University of Greenwich has just signed off its Exam Scheduler 3 implementation and successfully planned two exam timetables using the software.  This was a particularly challenging project with two-way integration between Greenwich’s student records system (Banner) and Exam Scheduler, and between Exam Scheduler and Syllabus Plus.
  • Close by, Kingston University has also finished its integration between Exam Scheduler 3 and Tribal’s SITS student information system.  Flatteringly, staff at Kingston said this was their easiest software implementation project to date.
  • Lastly, Edinburgh has gone live with Exam Scheduler 3.  This was a hard project to undertake and complete due to its complexities.  Encouragingly, Edinburgh is proudly promoting its new exams service to students and staff in its newsletters and blog.  Read more about the aims of Edinburgh’s Exam Scheduler project.

Connect: discover the benefits of software integration

“The Connect product is excellent; it does what it says on the tin…and it does that incredibly well.”

Jen Hardy, University Timetabler at Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh, talks about the benefits of linking their student records system, Banner, to our Syllabus Plus timetabling software.

Discover Connect

Over in APAC, the University of Auckland has been using Exam Scheduler to schedule exams for around 800 students who need extra provisions (NEP), with great satisfaction and outcomes.  The University of Adelaide has just started the scoping phase of project to deploy Cyon’s Exam Attendance solution.  Rose Kirkpatrick, Scientia’s Product Manager for exam solutions, spent the past week with staff at Adelaide to document their requirements.

Exams-themed events

Examinations Network Conference 2018

29–30 August 2018, University of South Australia, Adelaide

We have a speaking slot (date and time TBC) at the Conference and will be presenting the following:

Scientia/Cyon: Supporting the Exams Processes, Now and in the Future

  • Rose Kirkpatrick, Product Manager, Exams Solutions
  • Darren Woodward, Head of Product Management

Scientia is happy to introduce Rose Kirkpatrick as the new Product Manager for all of its exams solutions.  Rose has many years’ experience working in the higher education sector in Australia, as well as delivering successful Exam Scheduler and Exam Management System projects at a number of institutions in ANZ.  Rose will give an update of her work to date, including an overview of our product roadmap.  Darren will then share our exciting plan to bring our exams solutions on to the Syllabus Plus Anywhere cloud platform.

We will also be holding an annual half day training session for existing clients followed by a half day user group meeting. Please email Richie Teh for further information.

EMEA customers can come to our Exams-themed Scientia Regional User Group (SRUG) on 25 October, 10-4 at the University of Leicester.

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