Scientia’s clients have a strong showing in the 2017 NSE

June 1, 2017, By Liz Priestley

nse dutch student survey picture

Student satisfaction continues to be high on the agenda for the HE sector globally. Our Dutch clients are rising to the challenge.


The results of the annual Dutch student survey – the Nationale Studente Enquête (NSE) – were released in May. 

Almost 300,000 students answered 43 questions across 22 areas of their course programme.  This resulted in more than 1 million lines of data, rating everything from the content and organisation of teaching to preparation for a professional career.

It’s not hard to see why student satisfaction is so important in Higher Education. As fee-paying ‘customers’, students rightly expect an appropriate level of service. Greater retention and improved graduation rates reflect well on education institutions – in some countries, funding is dependent on it – and students who have had a good experience are likely to become advocates for their place of study, thus ensuring the next generation of applicants. Moreover, alumni at American HE institutions donated some $10 Billion in funding to their former colleges in 2015 – almost double the level of corporate support.

This is the seventh year that Scientia has analysed the results to see how our clients performed in the questions relating to timetabling and space management. Our raison d’être is to help academic institutions improve in these business-critical areas, so improvement is what we’re looking for.

With regards to timetabling, we are delighted to report that 38% of our Dutch Research University clients improved on their 2016 scores, with 31% charting the same as last year.  But our University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool) clients have done even better: 69% have improved on their 2016 timetabling scores.

In the questions relating to the availability of suitable work space, 85% of Scientia’s University clients did the same or better than in 2016; 67% of our Hogeschool clients achieved the same.

A special mention must go to our clients that beat the averages for their type of institution in each of the 7 categories relating to timetabling and space management. Tilburg University, University of Twente, Wageningen University & Research, Hanzehogeschool, Hogeschool Zeeland, Hotelschool Den Haag, Marnix College and Wittenborg University – take a bow!

Wittenborg University’s results are notable as they have achieved an outstanding result for timely notification of changes to the timetable – a direct result of implementing our Publish solution last year. This was also Wittenborg’s first year in the NSE; with scores comparable to many top-tier research universities, they’ve set the bar very high.

Many Dutch institutions will understandably use their NSE scores in their marketing, proudly proclaiming themselves to be the best at X, Y and Z. Being the best is great, but the first step on that journey is simply to be better. Our clients understand that and we’re proud to support them in that aim.

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