Scientia is the leading provider of academic timetabling software and resource scheduling solutions to universities and FE colleges worldwide

Join hundreds of institutions worldwide that trust Scientia to optimise their most valuable assets: time, space and equipment. Established in 1989, we have almost 30 years of experience in delivering tailored software solutions which help institutions to meet their strategic goals:

  • Improve student and staff satisfaction
  • Maximise room and resource utilisation
  • Make cost and efficiency savings
  • Reduce operational risk

Our history

1989 – 1999

1989 Scientia Ltd was founded to develop artificial intelligence resource scheduling solutions for education, defence, and industry. Syllabus timetabling system for schools was launched in December 1989, in the presence of HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Scientia’s Chairman, Baron Bentinck. Syllabus contained the first version of Scientia’s GENIE scheduling engine.

1990 Syllabus Plus for universities and colleges was pioneered for Macintosh computers. This product contained a more advances version of GENIE which was need to support the complexity of timetabling in higher education.

1991 Scientia acquire Procyon Research Ltd who have developed the Procyon Common Lisp environment which is used to further develop Scientia’s products.

1993 Scientia pioneered the development of a new GENIE engine which improved performance. Extending the functionality to multiple users, Scientia also developed a scheduling database to allow schedulers to work on the same schedule at the same time.

1994 Syllabus Plus 2 is released bringing with it a multi-user scheduling system into the academic timetabling world. It used a client-server architecture and provided both advisory and automatic scheduling.

1996 Scientia release Exam Scheduler a scheduling system that ensures individual students have a clash-free exam period and to ease pressure on the exam staff by controlling the amount of exams scheduled in one day. Scientia receives the green light by the Australian Government for the Syllabus Plus product suite to be sold to Australian universities.

2000 – present day

2002 Syllabus Plus Data Adapter is released allowing exchange of data between Syllabus Plus and other systems.

2004 This year saw the release of Web Room Booking, a system that allows both student and staff to book an available space.

2005 Student Allocator is released. This web portal is able to model programmes and modules rules for the most complex curriculum, allowing staff to save time and improve the selection process.

2006  A move into a new platform era with Enterprise Foundation which retain the GENIE scheduling engine written in Lisp and a new GENIE engine written in .Net.

2007 The first of the new platform products are released including Enterprise Timetabler and Staff Workload Planner. SWP was the first system to fully integrate with planning and timetabling and helps give universities greater visibility of the activities of staff.

2009 Enterprise Foundation is released.

2011 The next generation of Exam Scheduler is released. Scientia acquire DataVisibility Ltd and with it the Imprest solution. Imprest offers a highly configurable system to mirror an organisation’s process whilst identify overspend and underspend at the same time.

2013  The company is shortlisted for the Education Investors Award in the category of Use of Educational Technology.

2015 Scientia launches two new Cloud products: Publish and Resource Booker. Resource Booker, enables both students and institution staff to book rooms and resources from any device. Publish allows personalised timetables to be viewed on any device through a range of calendar clients.

2016 Exam Management System – our Cloud-based exam management tool – is released.

2017 Scientia annouces Syllabus Plus Anywhere – a brand new integrated Cloud platform which supports Scientia’s timetabling and resource management applications.

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Established in Cambridge, UK in 1989, Scientia is an international company with a global perspective and a highly diverse workforce. Our longevity and continuous progression is testament to the skills, dedication and professionalism of our employees.

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