Grrrrrrr to scheduling

A review of timetabling in 2015 revealed that the service attracted the lowest student satisfaction rating across student administration services at Monash. How could we innovate using existing capability and new technologies to enhance our students experience while providing a more effective and efficient timetabling service?

This presentation will take you through our journey of adopting an agile framework and work practices in reimagining a core business function – the development and delivery of the university timetable. Moving from 83 disparate professional staff to a specialist team of 15, the Scheduling Services Improvement Program has created a student-centric function, with a significant cultural mind shift and skills uplift. Adopting agility in core operations can reap tangible benefits and sustainable work practices that enable the realisation of any university’s growth ambitions. We are in the early days of our transformative journey and the signs are both promising and rewarding.