The UCC Journey – Establishing Personalised Timetables for Students.

Timetabling has always been problematic in UCC, with no natural ‘home’ and no single department responsible for managing timetables centrally. Regardless of this, our students still need their timetable information, and we still need to provide a means of delivering that to them.

Prior to the implementation of Publish, student timetables were created almost as a by-product of the “Room Bookings” process, through use of the Syllabus Plus system. Over time, there was increasing pressure from our students for a simpler timetabling system. So for academic year 2016/2017, we implemented Publish, which gave students a simpler interface, with up to the minute timetable information that they could access using any device and from any location.

Through this presentation, I will go through our motivation the implementation of Publish, the objectives we aimed to achieve, as well as the difficulties we encountered along the way. I will also outline the benefits to students and staff as a result of this implementation, and briefly outline how we provide support to the large user base – the entire student population.