Using the latest wifi technologies and powered by Lone Rooftop’s innovative Position Intelligence Engine (PIE), Clocks is a cloud application that displays all learning space occupancy information and links this to data from the Enterprise Foundation timetabling system for insights into planned vs. actual use of spaces. Universities can instantly determine occupancy rates for scheduled lessons and lectures as well as instantly identify ‘no-shows’.

This session will kick off with a quick refresher of the technology and a demo of Clocks – Classroom Occupancy System. In this demo, Youri will also walk you through some exciting new features in Clocks and how they are currently supporting the real estate utilisation improvement strategies of several major institutions.

The session will be closed by an overview and demo of brand new capabilities and apps on top of the PIE platform, expect some cool new stuff that will truly make your campus intelligent! We’ll wrap up with a quick Q&A.