Gaming Guilds: Innovative ways to keep our campus sticky

Falmouth University Games Academy is a unique multidisciplinary suite of courses focusing on games development. Games run several different degrees, some with multiple routes, or ‘flavours’ all under the same roof. Students work together in teams made up of all of these different degrees, and this is the mainstay of their university education. Students should be able to learn from each other, as well as developing team working skills – broadening their capabilities while also sharpening their discipline-specific skills in programming, animation, writing, etc.

The Guilds, as they are known,  provide an essential focus for far more than just the acquisition of knowledge.  Students learning in small teams that are multi-level and peer supported quickly develop a social and emotional cohesion, they are challenged by providing them with real-life situations to solve, innovations to create and are key to the future of all levels of on-campus learning. For a campus to become ‘sticky,’ it requires creating an inclusive community, giving students a sense of belonging along with practical measures such as timetabling support and innovative spaces.