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Student Engagement and Retention

StudentsWith universities worldwide now competing to attract the best students, the student experience has never been more important.  The number of students enrolled in higher education outside their home country has grown significantly from 800,000 in 1975 to 4.1 million in 2010 (Source: OECD). Students are therefore prepared to travel in order to attend the best university for them.

Scientia’s software solutions are designed to address the student experience at every level.  Because Enterprise Foundation takes into account individual student needs when building the timetable, students get an excellent service.

Student Allocator provides the following benefits:

  • Personalised clash-free timetables.
  • Ablility to enrol on the modules they want to take, when they want to take them.
  • Ability to select activities and occurences as well as modules.
  • Completion of students' degrees on time; stress-free activity allocation/reallocation.
  • Browser access to personal timetable information.

These are significant benefits that can make students want to come to your institution.  Students use Student Allocator to enter their module preferences for the coming year. Enterprise Foundation analyses this information and creates the timetable requirement.  It then allocates resources and generates an optimal timetable for the institution and personalised timetables for students and staff.

Once a timetable has been produced, students can use  Student Allocator to change the activities that they attend, perhaps to better meet their personal circumstances (e.g. child care).

Up-to-date individual student timetables are now increasingly important as they provide evidence that a student knows where they should be at a given time, which impacts on student monitoring and retention.

Find out how our clients have improved student engagement in these case studies.

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