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Academic Workload Planning

AcademicThe staff of your organisation are one of your most important resources and many would argue the most important resource.  It is therefore essential that organisations know what staff are doing to ensure they have a balanced workload that contributes most efficiently to the aims of the organisation. 

Scientia’s Staff Workload Planner enables organisations to gain greater visibility of staff workload, encouraging equitable, fair and balanced workload practices.  Staff Workload Planner helps improve academic workload management.  It gives you the ability to produce reports showing how their human resources are being utilised – i.e. the percentage of time dedicated to teaching, administrative duties and research.  This facilitates academic workload modelling.  The task of providing reports using institution-specific workload definitions is made simpler, saving institutions time and money.

SWPimageStaff Workload Planner enables institutions to promote universal working processes by encouraging common approaches to workload planning and reporting across all parts of the institution.  At the same time it supports department specific differences whilst still allowing realistic comparisons to be made between schools and departments.

With regular reports and submissions to HE and FE regulatory bodies becoming a common requirement, Staff Workload Planner allows for the accurate preparation of the supporting staff utlisation data required.  Once ready, this data can be easily exported into many file formats.  This also allows for data to be exported to other reporting systems for more detailed analysis.

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