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Web Room Booking

Book resources more effectively

Right room, right time, right people

lecture_theatreHigher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) institutions are continually striving to achieve optimal use of their available teaching space, whilst reducing the administrative workload involved in booking rooms for non-timetabled activities. It is therefore essential that an effective software solution is available to assist with the room booking process.

Our Web Room Booking software enables you to book the right rooms, at the right time, for the right people. Because details of booked rooms are transferred directly to the timetable the benefit is saved time. Web Room Booking also allows you to book rooms anytime and anywhere and offers self-service booking while allowing you to retain as much control as you need over all ad-hoc bookings.

Web Room Booking enables you to:

  • Save time and money - Administrative staff will no longer have to spend large portions of time providing specific details of room availability, extracting the relevant booking request details from lengthy messages and sometimes needing to contact the requester for missing details.
  • Improves productivity - There is a reduction in duplication of data entry as the booking details are transferred automatically to your timetabling applications.
  • Improves customer satisfaction - When booking rooms, the user feels in control of the booking process because they can see a list of available rooms before they book. The service is quick and efficient, because the details of the request are complete and correct first time.
  • Measure utilisation - By effectively recording all bookings, you will have more accurate data available to measure how frequently rooms have been occupied.

  • Gives users more control as allows self-service web booking of resources.  Our software can even be used for booking car parking space.
  • Optimises resources –Allows the booking of the right resource, for the right number of people at the right time thus optimising resources.
  • Saves time – as Web Room Booking integrates with the Enterprise Foundation timetabling software time is saved having to enter information manually.
  • Generates revenue - Frees up rooms to be used for external conferences and meetings.
  • Set authorisation Authorisation allows you to control access dependent on user roles.  You can specify whether users are allowed to make a booking immediately or whether they must register a request to be approved by another user. Each user may also be authorised to book some locations while only requesting others.
  • Customised interface Alter labels, remove/add fields, alter colours and formatting. This allows the interface to be configured based on your preferences.
  • Search and filter to only show suitable rooms by selecting a number of criteria including capacity, type and departmental ownership.
  • Browse dates by calendar or by a list of weeks - you can select single or multiple days and weeks.
  • Display a list of all the available rooms that match the selection criteria, with room availability updated from the Syllabus Plus timetabling system.
  • Book or just make requests for rooms within a single application.
  • Notify automatically by email of a booking and any subsequent changes to the booking.

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