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Exam Scheduler

Student in examOptimise your students' exam experience

Examination planning in Higher Education (HE) institutions is a high profile exercise involving many stakeholders and competing requirements.

Scientia’s Exam Scheduler is a proven, easy-to-use graphical scheduling tool that can accommodate these diverse interests to make the scheduling of exams easier for you.  It enables you to create an environment that allows students to perform at their best.

Exam Scheduler enables you to:

  • Optimise exam load – our software enables you to spread a student’s exam load as evenly as possible across the exam period to given the best chance of performing well.
  • Reduce administrative tasks – say goodbye to the arduous task of administering exams.  With Exam Scheduler you can lighten the load by allocating seats and invigilators automatically.  You can also automate the planning of exams for students who need extra provision, reducing your administrative workload significantly.
  • Reduce costs – Exam Scheduler can reduce the need for hiring external space as the software enables you to maximise the utilisation and occupancy of the available space within the institution for exams, as well as allowing you to minimise the number of supervisors required by reducing the number of sessions.

  • Helps create an environment where all students can perform at their best
  • Lightens the administrative load
    Makes the task of administering exams much easier as the scheduling engine allocates seats and invigilators automatically
  • Dramatically saves time scheduling exams for students with additional requirements
  • Improves planning
    Allows you to see in advance what your space requirements will be and plan for the requirements of students who need extra provision.
  • Helps reduce cost
  • Exam Scheduler reduces the cost of administration and allows you to optimise the use of existing space rather than hire external space
  • Intelligent scheduling engine
    Advanced auto-scheduling assists institutions in producing an efficient timetable optimised to the needs of individual students.
  • Takes into account constraints
    The software applies constraints to avoid student overloading and back-to-back exams.
  • Schedules invigilators appropriately
    The software takes into account the skills and availability of invigilators when scheduling exams.
  • Supports multiple users
    Multiple users can access the database concurrently.
  • Easy viewing of schedules and reports
    Web based reports available across the institution include individual student exam timetables, timetables for examiners, locations and invigilators.
  • Compatibility with other systems
    Data can be exported out of Exam Scheduler in various document standards

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