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Product Documentation

We regularly publish documentation that helps you to install and use Scientia's software products, or which helps you to understand changes in new versions and releases.

Documentation is available from the User Forum, from the online Self-Service Portal or from the links below.

Reference Guides provide step-by-step instructions for undertaking tasks in the software

Release Notes describe the changes to the software since the last released version.

Enterprise Foundation

Enterprise Foundation 3.13 - Release Notes

Enterprise Timetabler Reference Guide (for version 3.12) -  English | Dutch | German | Brazilian Portuguese

Enterprise Course Planner Reference Guide (for version 3.12-3.13) - English

Web Data Collector 2.6.4 - Release Notes

Enterprise Activity Adjuster 1.3 - Release Notes

Exam Scheduler

Exam Scheduler 3.5.3 - Release Notes

Exam Scheduler 3.5.2 - Release notes

Exam Scheduler 3.5 - Release Notes

Web Room Booking

Web Room Booking 2.2.3 - Release Notes

Web Room Booking 2.2.2 - Release Notes


Publish 2.1 - Release Notes

Publish 2.0 - Release Notes

Resource Booker

Resorces Booker 1.5 - Release Notes

Resource Booker 1.4 - Release Notes

Resource Booker 1.3 - Release Notes

Student Allocator

Student Allocator 2.2 - Release Notes