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Case Study

Timetable Data Collection

Web Data Collector enables you to say goodbye to the inefficient process of sending spreadsheets andWDC other documents back and forth between timetabling and academic departments. Web Data Collector is an online portal and therefore saves you days of time collecting timetable data and improves the entire process of collecting and uploading the information from your stakeholders.

Web Data Collector provides the following benefits:

  • Construct the way you collect the data, so that it corresponds to the way the data is structured in your Enterprise Foundation timetabling software.
  • Collect your data easily and more accurately from your schools and faculties via an online interface.
  • Review the data before scheduling, to ensure a quality timetable is produced.
  • Reduce the number of amendments required.
  • Reduce the time taken to collate requirements and transfer these in the Syllabus Plus database, by eliminating the need for spreadsheets to be sent to timetablers.
  • Improve the perception of data ownership from users outside of a central timetabling team.

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