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Case Study

Resource and Room Booking

Lecture_hallIn today’s demanding education climate, institutions are constantly exploring ways to effectively allocate all the resources involved in delivering the academic timetable. 

Improving student satisfaction, enhancing course choice, making the best use of space whilst maintaining academic choice are just some of the challenges faced when delivering a coherent clash-free timetable. 

Our secure resource and web room booking solution enables you to book the most appropriate room, for the right number of people at the right time.  Because details of booked rooms are transferred directly to the timetable, the benefit is saved time and saved money. 

Web room booking PhoneWeb Room Booking provides users with a clear, user friendly interface, containing up to the minute information about the availability of rooms.  It simplifies the resource booking process and avoids error-prone typing.  Clients have found that the reporting of cancellations has increased using Web Room Booking, which is significant for improving room utilisation rates.  Our resource booking solution can also be used for booking other resources such as car parking.

Find out how the University of Bath improved its web room booking process in this case study.

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