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Case Study

Exam Scheduling

Students sitting an examExamination planning in Higher Education institutions is a time intensive process involving many stakeholders. It is therefore essential that an effective software solution is available to assist with this process.

Scientia’s Exam Scheduler is a proven, easy-to-use graphical scheduling tool that can accommodate these diverse interests and allow you to develop a timetable that meets all of your stakeholders’ needs.

With the student experience now being a key focus for many academic institutions, students are being offered more choice and have growing expectations of a well-spread exam timetable being delivered early in the academic cycle. Exam Scheduler enables the whole exams team to meet and exceed these expectations.

Exam Scheduler provides the following benefits:

  • Large numbers of exams can be scheduled quickly and easily with our new, improved, Auto-Scheduling functionality.
  • An improved student experience is achieved through improved exam spread, and access to individual exam timetables.
  • Multiple users are able to collaborate on data entry, validation, scheduling revisions and post scheduling tasks such as assigning invigilation tasks.
  • Much quicker scheduling exams for students with additional requirements, saving you time and money.

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