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Capital Programme Management

BuildingManagers involved in capital programmes often experience the following:

  • Difficulty making strategic decisions because information can be out of date at progress meetings.
  • Risk of reduced government funding due to failing to spend within the financial year.
  • Increased cost of corrective action resulting from late warnings of projects that are likely to be over-spent or under-spent or are slipping against delivery targets.
  • A steadily increasing capital programme that is starting to overload the existing system of spreadsheets.
  • Difficulty proving that the department is meeting government and internal targets and objectives.
  • Variable quality of projects because an inconsistent approach is taken to project management
  • Finding a management application that is proven to understand, fit and support transport and capital programme working.

Imprest is a highly scaleable Capital Programme Management solution.  It makes the big picture available by providing a single system for managing major capital programmes.  Information is monitored throughout the year and prepared for annual returns, whilst helping to deliver a professional programme of work on the ground.

Imprest helps your business become more profitable.  Software of this kind gives you a return on investment after just 7.4 months (Source: IDC). 

Imprest provides the following benefits:

  • An easy to use environment within which the latest status of programme information, such as financial data, performance information and programme milestones are available from a dedicated strategic reporting module.
  • Interfacing with the finance system to draw through the financial position to every project.  This enables visibility of under- and over-spending schemes.
  • Alerts for senior managers to warn of slippage in schedule and over-or under-spend.
  • A structured project framework which can be configured to meet the particular working practices of different work streams.
  • A proven and innovative system designed to manage capital programme management.

Find out why the University of York chose our solution for capital programme management in this case study.

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