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Case Study

Web Data Collector

Collect your timetabling data quickly and easily

Web Data Collector saves you time and administrative effort collecting timetabling data from departments and helps improve the accuracy of the data. As Web Data Collector is a web interface and integrates directly with Enterprise Foundation, the benefit is a dramatic saving of time in collecting and inputting data.


One institution estimated that it had saved 50 man days by using Web Data Collector, freeing up all this time for staff to work on other projects.

Web Data Collector helps to improve data quality by removing the step of manual inputting and by standardising the way data is collected. It is well known that data collected accurately at source results in a better quality timetable, helping to improve staff and student satisfaction.

Web Data Collector enables you to:

Construct the way you collect the data, so that it corresponds to the way the data is structured in your Enterprise Foundation timetabling software.
• Collect your data easily and more accurately from your schools and faculties via an online interface.
Review the data before scheduling to ensure a quality timetable is produced.
Reduce the number of amendments required.
Reduce the time taken to collate requirements and transfer these in the Syllabus Plus database, by eliminating the need for spreadsheets to be sent to timetablers.
Improve the perception of data ownership from users outside of a central timetabling team.

  • Save time and money collecting timetabling data
    Web Data Collector is an online interface and  makes the task of collecting timetabling data faster.  Transferring information from paper forms or spreadsheets into Enterprise Foundation is both time consuming and inefficient.  The process of collecting timetabling data is improved by Web Data Collector as it collects the information and imports it into Enterprise Foundation.  As desired by the timetabling team, no manual inputting is required.
  • Improve data accuracy
    The process of manual data entry can lead to errors occurring.  Web Data Collector removes the step of manual errors being entered and therefore improves the accuracy of your timetabling data.
  • Improve the service to your stakeholders with a user friendly system
    Web Data Collector is more user friendly for your stakeholders to use than spreadsheets/other methods.  The system enables you to improve the service you provide to stakeholders.  Web Data Collector is also easy to implement.   
  • Improve governance
    Web Data Collector provides reporting to show the progress of your collection process.  This makes it easy to identify areas falling behind and ensure timely completion of the data maintenance task.
  • Retain your branding
    Web Data Collector is customised to mirror your brand guidelines and conform to your house style.
  • Easy to use for timetablers
    Web Data Collector includes a Wizard using a question based step by step process to collect information. This may be configured to match the institutions requirements including tailored wording of questions and fields to match institution requrements.
  • Eliminate data matching problems
    The system provides data validation input, ensuring the data entered corresponds to requirements. The Wizard, with its question based prompts, also ensures staff understand the data they are being asked to provide.
  • Export data and activities
    You can export data from Enterprise Foundation to Web Data Collector to populate drop-down lists of Modules, Staff, Named Availabilities etc.  It is possible to restrict which ones get exported to the Web Data Collector.  You can also export activities if you decide to roll over one year’s timetable to the next.  Additionally, Web Data Collector enables the two way exchange of data quickly and easily.
  • Standardise the way you collect data
    Because Web Data Collector is an online interface, you can standardise the design of the data entry forms, ensuring everyone enters the same data, in the format you require.
  • Configurable
    The web forms are customisable to suit your own institution’s terminology instead of that used in Enterprise Foundation.  Therefore if you prefer to use the word ‘Course’ instead of ‘Module’, you can configure the system to reflect the terminology you use.
  • Online interface
    The online interface for data collection makes it easy for your stakeholders to submit their timetabling data.
  • Make as many changes as needed quickly and easily
    Data can be reviewed and changed by the departmental users via the web-based forms as often as is required.  The Timetabling Coordinator simply needs to refresh the Web Data Collector database with up-to-date information from Enterprise Foundation.
  • Build questions easily
    Web Data Collector includes a Wizard to help you build the questions in the best possible way to improve the quality of information.  The Wizard reduces the training load on the end user.
  • Integration with Enterprise Foundation
    Once collected, the data is transferred directly into Enterprise Foundation.  There is no need for retyping of information and laborious double-checking of data entry.
  • Easy operation
    With the use of populated drop-down lists and simple ‘tick-box’ options, a user is only presented with a limited list of valid options.  This also reduces the amount of duplication of data entry, as the user only needs to click on a pick-list, typing in data such as module codes by hand.


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