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Scientia Dashboards

Enhancing visibility of your management information

The data contained within your diverse applications represents a valuable asset to your institution. Scientia Dashboards is specifically designed to put essential information at the fingertips of key decision makers within your institution.  Information from multiple sources can be consolidated and displayed in real-time in any device, presenting complex data in a visually engaging, easy to interpret format as a series of interactive charts and graphs.

Dashboard ChartScientia Dashboards comprises a range of out of the box business intelligence dashboards including comprehensive overviews of Teaching Delivery, Teaching Space and Location Utilisation, Staff Utilisation and Student Registrations. The technology also enables your institution to quickly develop your own insightful dashboards to address the specific areas of interest you wish to monitor and evaluate within your institution.

Drill-down technology enables users to quickly discover the root cause of potential issues in just a few simple clicks helping to inform what aspects drive excellent performance, and which metrics have the greatest impact on performance management and operational success.

  • Faster and more accurate decision making, by empowering staff with real-time information.  Paper reports can quickly become out of date as information changes. Dashboards offer a complete, up to date picture of what is happening across the institution at any moment in time, speeding up the reporting cycle.
  • Drill down technology to quickly get to the root cause of issues and to intervene effectively.  Dashboards are visually engaging and empower staff not just to spot trends and events more quickly but to drill down through the data to get to the very heart of the issue.
  • Customised information in a range of visually engaging, easy to interpret graphical formats.  Every institution has different goals and challenges. Dashboards provides you with the technology to easily create customised dashboard views of key performance metrics specifically relevant to your institution.
  • Instant alerts of any performance shortfalls, trends and opportunities.
    Proactive alerts can instantly flag shortfalls in performance, acting as an early warning system to potential issues and enabling corrective steps to be taken quickly when performance dips below desired levels. Positive trends and opportunities can also be highlighted.
  • A single holistic view of all management data from multiple sources and applications.  Dashboards brings together reporting information from multiple systems and offers the end user one single view of this data.
  • Dashboard Server
    Dashboard Server updates feeds from sources applications on a regular schedule. Data is stored in-memory for enhanced performance.  The same data-feed can be re-used in multiple dashboards.
  • User Interface
    Dashboards can be accessed via web browser across PC, tablet or smartphone via HTML5.
  • User Management
    Full user management feature ensuring users can be provided access only to the dashboards that are relevant to them or their role.
  • Customisable formatting
    Simple to set and adjust your low, medium and high performance ranges and the colours associated with these. This ensures that dashboards reflect performance in your institution in line with the institution’s own performance benchmarks and are visually easy to interpret.
  • Save images
    Each dashboard graphic can be saved and stored locally on the user’s machine should they wish to simply add any graph or chart to a Word document or Powerpoint as evidence of any specific trend or pattern.
  • Intuitive online help
    The product includes a comprehensive contextual Help section to support end users through all areas of building and viewing Dashboards.

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