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KPI Report Pack

Improve the quality of your timetable

The driver for implementing a timetabling system is usually the desire to improve the timetable, but that can kpimean different things to different people.  Is an improved timetable one that results in:

  • An enhanced learning experience, leading to increased retention?
  • Attracting talented academics and increased research funding?
  • More efficient utilisation of space, leading to reduced delivery costs?

Agreement that these goals are desirable will likely be universal.  When faced with a scenario where the goals conflict with each other, however, opinions will be divided on what constitutes an improvement.  How can the institution make a judgement as to whether or not the timetable has been improved?

Our KPI Report Pack gives you the right management information

Make good decisions

The KPI report pack allows you to see the whole picture at your institution.  While experimenting with different timetable models you can report on the results and compare the characteristics.  Instead of deciding timetabling strategy and policy in the hope that the timetable will be improved you can make properly informed decisions with confidence in the results.

Achieve your goals

Once you know exactly what you would like to improve about your timetable the ability to compare what you are achieving now with a previous academic period makes it easy to measure progress and ensure that you are achieving your goals.

Remove blockers

Sometimes it might seem that improvement is impossible to achieve however hard you try.  For example, a mismatch between the size of classes and the capacity of rooms will make good utilisation rates impossible to achieve. KPI reports will help you to identify such blockers to improvement so that you can take appropriate action to remove them.

  • Gives staff the right information to show how they are improving the timetable.
  • Measures the characteristics of a timetable, making it easier to set and achieve strategic goals.
  • Helps identify blocks to improving the timetable, such as inappropriate class sizes to rooms.
  • Set up specific groups of users
  • Available in a variety of formats - for ease of communication
  • Easy to use and run

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