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Timetabler - the first solution on our new Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform - launches in December. Find out more.

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Improve student and staff satisfaction with personalised timetables delivered direct to their fingertips

Scientia Publish student calendar on an iPhoneMake life easier for your staff and students by giving them personalised timetables which are always up to date - even if there are last minute changes. 

A single source of truth for timetables ensures everyone knows where they need to be, and when they need to be there. Additionally, your productivity is increased by freeing up administractive staff from the distractions of responding to timetable queries.  

A suite of services providing a host of benefits

Whether you need to deliver a timetable to a staff member's mobile phone, notify a student of a last minute location change for this afternoon's seminar, or feed a digital sign with a room timetable in a building's reception area, Publish has it covered.

Easy to use

Publish looks great on any device and provides multiple timetable views through a responsively designed, intuitive user interface.  

Personalised Timetables

Staff and students can view personalised timetables on any device. fully compatible with Enterprise Timetabler/Syllabus Plus, timetables are up to date and available 24/7, increasing student satisfaction and productivity of administrative staff. Calendar subscriptions allow timetables to be displayed alongside personal appointments. 

Responsive Design

Publish uses responsive design to ensure it looks good on any device. Whether you're viewing on a mobile, tablet, laptop or monitor, Publish intelligently adjusts the page layout to make the best use of the space available. There's no need for a dedicated app or mobile version of the site. 


Notify staff and students of last-minute timetable changes by allowing them to subscribe to add, remove or change notifications at the email address of their choice. A configurable notification window gives you the control to deliver only notifications that matter. 

Find Timetable Function

Build and save a timetable by browsing for activites by categories such as Department, Module, Programme of Study and Location. This can complement a student's automatically generated personalised timetable, or allow them to build a whole timetable even if your institution doesn't store students in Syllabus Plus. 

Room Broker

The broker service provides a data feed detailing the events occuring at a given location, at a given time. The JSON/XML feed can be consumed to display room timetables on digital signage hardware, touchscreen kiosks or 3rd party mobile apps. 

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