Exam Management System

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Exam Management System

Manage the whole exams process

Exam Management System (EMS) is the all-in-one solution for managing exams, at your institution. Optimise your students' experience by reducing the operational risks which exams produce, and save time and money in the process. 

Modular and flexible

EMS is a set of linked modules focussed on particular parts of the exam process at higher and further education institutions. Each Cloud-hosted module can be tailored to suit an institution's particular business processes, ensuring consistency and clarity in use. The intuitive, browser-based user interface can also be adapted to conform to an institution's requirements. EMS is designed to be used together with Scientia’s Exam Scheduler offering to deliver real business benefits from seamless integration and integrated workflows.

Access to EMS modules is through a common portal, linkable to an institution's authorisation and control system. An integrated communication framework ensures that key staff and stakeholders are updated at each stage of the exams process. 

EMS Modules cover:

  • Management of the exam paper lifecycle: submission, approval, printing and distribution
  • Self-service for invigilators: recording of availability, confirmation of attendance, etc. 
  • Assessment of students' specific requirements and approval of extra/alternative provisions based on agreed needs
  • Exam session issue recording and reporting*
  • Invigilator recruitment, assessment and training*

* Planned for 2017

Support for all aspects of exam planning and delivery

By supporting processes vital to effective and efficient running of exams, EMS can improve your students' experience, ensure data consistency and quality, streamline the generation of the exam timetable and more fully meet the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders

Configurable to suit your institution's needs and processes

Each module can be configured to closely match the business processes in use at your institution, and can also be styled to provide a look and feel that is common to other tools the user may use on a day-to-day basis. Users can be reassured that tasks they carry out are done in a way that conform to agreed standards and processes. 

Easy to use

Web-based, adaptive user-interfaces have a common look and feel across all modules, minimising training needs

Native support for mobile devices ensures tasks can be carried out without the need for fixed workstations. 

Modular and controlled

EMS has a strong permission-based model, ensuring your staff can only use modules or parts of modules appropriate to their role. Links to the institution's LDAP (or similar) access-control service minimise the set-up required. 

A full audit trail is provided for all modules. 

Integration to Exam Scheduler

EMS has been designed to both complement and benefit from Scientia's powerful Exam Scheduler product. While the two products can be used independently the full benefits are realised when they are used together and the time-sharing capabilities become apparent. 

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