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Timetabler - the first solution on our new Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform - launches in December. Find out more.

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Enterprise Activity Adjuster

Respond quickly to any timetable scenario 

Enterprise Activity Adjuster is an online portal designed to support users who need to make incremental adjustments to an existing timetable quickly and easily whilst on the move.  Peopletablet

Users could be:

  • Members of a central timetabling team acting on the requests of departments for changes to allocated rooms, staff or equipment.
  • Timetablers based in a department, making authorised changes via self-service.
  • Occasional users authorised to make minor changes in response to emergencies.
Enterprise Activity Adjuster enables you to stay connected any time, any place, anywhere, helping you improve the service you offer to your institution.  Enterprise Activity Adjuster frees up time for timetablers by empowering other staff to make changes to the timetable.  For example, an academic may need to cancel a lecture from home.  A timetabler might need to make a change to the timetable whilst on the bus to work.  A member of the estates team may spot a physical problem with a room and need to reschedule a lecture immediately. 
Our new portable timetable adjustment tool enables key staff to respond to any timetabling scenario.

  • Enables you to quickly and easily respond to timetabling scenarios and issues 
  • Frees up time for timetabling staff by empowering other users
  • Gives you more flexibility, as it enables you to respond any time, any place, anywhere
  • Allows you to remain in control by controlling user access permissions
  • Gives you the heavyweight power of the Enterprise scheduling engine at your fingertips, through a lightweight device
  • Works seaminglessly with Enterprise Foundation
  • Allows users to make a broad range of changes, or just a narrow set of options
  • Intuitive interface

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