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Scientia Connect is an innovative integration platform that delivers seamless connections between the Scientia product suite and other software applications within your institution.

Connect enables rapid read and write data transfers for supported applications. Data interfaces can be viewed and managed within the intuitive web based Connect Portal, from where data can be exchanged and transformed between desired third party applications and databases. 
The differential comparison feature provides huge efficiencies in both time and performance when conducting bulk data updates.  It quickly identifies and updates only the data that has changed since the previous integration, minimising the stress on local infrastructure.  

A web based portal provides co-ordinators with full ‘self-service’ access to view their current data interfaces and to update data or amend transfers or workflows whenever necessary. Connect can be used to link any number of systems within your institution and also enables users of Scientia’s current suite of integration solutions – SPDA, EMIT and SALT – to upgrade and take full advantage of this faster, more efficient integration technology.

Scientia Connect Integration Packages (SCIPs)

SCIPs are the culmination of many successful integration projects between Scientia scheduling applications and a range of other third-party software products, such as commonly-used student record and enterprise email systems.

Each integration package combines the knowledge and insight gained from previously-delivered integration projects to provide a clearly-defined, consistent scope. For each SCIP, Scientia provides full testing in a dedicated test environment before a carefully-planned transition to a production environment.

Download the SCIPs brochure, right, to see the packages currently available.

  • Improved speed of data transfers – read & write integrations allow changes to be realised in seconds.  Connect comprises a differential comparison feature that quickly identifies and updates only data items that have changed since the previous integration meaning transfers can be carried out quicker and more often.
  • Combining and integrating data from multiple applications at high speed. Connect is completely scalable enabling users to initially enhance data integration between the Scientia product suite and the University student record system, but includes options to extend to other applications such as estates, finance, attendance monitoring, HR and more.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by automating integration workflows.  Data transfers are more efficient, and if desired can be fully automated meaning no intervention is required.
  • Better visibility of integration interfaces via the Connect Portal.  Connect includes a web based portal through which users can monitor the status of data transfers, interact with or initiate data transfers, approve workflows, control data processing and save & export data from various source systems without having to access the actual sources. It also includes a graphical dashboard providing statistics on data transfers.
  • Better consistency of data within multiple systems.  Avoid the troublesome issue of having multiple systems containing inconsistent data. Connect ensures that all data is aggregated and shared between multiple systems.
  • Replace bespoke integration solutions including SPDA, SALT and EMIT.   Upgrade and enhance your existing integration tools to take advantage of the full range of Connect benefits.
  • Implement one single solution for all your data management and integration challenges.  No need to deploy various bespoke solutions - Connect can manage all of this!
  • Workflow Engine  The Workflow Engine gives users complete control of complex data processes. Triggers can be deployed to activate workflows from any server and system. Workflows can be fully automated from start to finish or set to require user approval via the web portal at specific stages.
  • Differential Comparison Function  The differential comparison feature provides huge efficiencies in both time and performance when conducting bulk data updates.  It quickly identifies and updates only data that has changed since the previous integration, minimising the stress on local infrastructure.
  • Connect Portal  The portal enables users with appropriate rights to view, activate and amend integration workflows offering a primary access point for non-technical staff and enabling simple export of data in various formats. It includes dashboard functionality providing graphical analysis of any integration status.
  • ETL+ Tool  Extract, Transform and Load your data between applications. ETL+ allows users to collect and combine data from diverse sources. A range of out of the box database and application connectors are available. The ETL+ tool uses an intuitive drag & drop interface to simplify the configuration of your integration interfaces.
  • Connect Product Suite  Bi-directional connectors from S+ to a range of databases and applications including the SRS, Exams Scheduler and Student Allocater. It is also possible to exchange data between any non-Scientia applications.
  • Wide range of supported media and protocols  Connect can consume generic web services or REST API as well as standard formats including text, CSV, XLS and XML with attachments. It can be used with Active Directory and to schedule emails in/out with attachments (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/MAPI). The product has been used to connect with a range of Microsoft applications, all of the most common databases (Oracle, SQL, Access etc.) and many popular applications in the HE space.

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