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Tampere University of Technology in Finland chooses Scientia’s resource scheduling optimisation and timetabling solutions

In Finland, the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) (Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto) has chosen Scientia to improve and streamline its timetables and allow it to move across from a manual room allocation system to an advanced scheduling solution.

TUT, which specialises in research in technology and architecture, is one of the two main technical universities in Finland and the other, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Yliopisto) is already a Scientia client.

Tampere is Finland’s largest inland city, some 170 km north of Helsinki, and the TUT campus is in the suburb of Hervanta. The university was founded in 1965 as a branch of the Helsinki University of Technology - gaining independent university status in 1972 – so the investment in Scientia solutions comes as the university celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The contract with Scientia covers Enterprise Foundation timetabling software which will provide the university’s senior management team with a rich source of management information on which to base future decisions. 

‘Our aim is to optimise and improve the timetables we offer our students,’ said TUT’s Head of Student Services, Kirsi Aalto. ‘But moreover it is also our goal to improve the use of teaching space and reduce costs.’

Scientia’s associated Resource Booker system will enable the university to replace its manual system with an advanced scheduling solution for booking rooms and resources. This will allow the university much greater control and optimisation of its resources.   It can also be used for scheduling one or more different resources at the same time – for example organising a car parking space, a lecture room and a staff member for a guest professor in one booking. 

Also covered by the new contract is Scientia Connect – a platform which provides the capability to transfer data between databases and applications and even to outside departments such as estates, finance, attendance monitoring and HR.

Everything is integrated with the university’s own Student Record System and, as well as improving the scheduling process, will result in better timetables for TUT’s 10,500 undergraduate and post graduate students and 2,000 staff.

TUT is also replacing its home-built facility management system with the sophisticated solutions of Scientia’s partner Pythagoras, whose services, including Space Manager, Charge Manager, Lease Manager, Fire Security Manager and Publication Manager, will support the university’s estate management. Aiming to achieve superior performance from property and workspace assets, this is a further support to space optimisation and also ensures that investment in capital expenditure is maximised. Furthermore, Enterprise Foundation and Space Manager will be integrated and, in conjunction with Charge Manager, simplify the management and invoicing of space throughout the university.

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