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Scientia unveils improved Web Room Booking software

WomanpcCambridge, UK 16th November, 2012– Scientia has unveiled a new version of its Web Room Booking software, giving customers improved functionality and control of the booking process. Web Room Booking, which integrates with its timetabling software, Enterprise Foundation, is a web portal that enables anyone to book resources online. Web Room Booking enables staff, and in some cases students to book rooms for ad-hoc teaching and non-teaching meetings, ensuring that they are not booking rooms that are timetabled for teaching. As the software works on a smartphone, customers can book resources at any time and from anywhere. Key benefits include:

  • Saving time and money by simplifying the booking process via a web portal.
  • Improving the quality of the working environment – Web Room Booking enables an organisation to say goodbye to a noisy office where people phone in to book resources.
  • Optimisation of space – Web Room Booking enables the booking of the most appropriate space for the appropriate number of people, which means there is less likelihood of wasted space. Cancellations of rooms are also more likely to be reported.
  • Flexibility – the software can be configured to reflect the booking rules of an organisation.

Version 2.1 of Web Room Booking includes a number of functional improvements which improve usability including:

  • More control over the booking period, including stipulating the timeframe in which users can book according to their role.
  • Better integration with Scientia’s timetabling software - Enterprise Foundation.
  • Improved configuration and plug-in capability to meet specific institution requirements.
  • Improvements to the User Interface.

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