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Scientia to hold 14th annual user conference for its customers – 20th-22nd March, Radisson Blu hotel, London Stansted Airport

Raised student expectations – our opportunity to shine

StudentsCreating meaningful ways to attract, engage and retain students has never been so important. These goals drive us towards student focused timetables that deliver high quality learning experiences as well as good value for money. How can this be achieved while making best use of staff time and managing space efficiently? This year’s user conference is an opportunity for us to collectively discuss how these challenges may be met and share our experiences and successes to date.  We will focus on exploring ways, utilising our software and services, to help you to improve:

  • Student experience
  • Staff satisfaction and utilisation
  • Space utilisation
  • Curriculum planning
  • Timetabling
  • Sharing of information and workflow planning

Feedback from users on last year's user conference was that the conference was 'excellent' with over 91% of respondents saying that the format and session choices were very good to excellent. The event was also well attended with 157 user delegates attending from institutions from all around the UK, Europe and South Africa. The conference this year will start Wednesday morning from 11am, with a full programme of activities. There will be a focus on user presentations and demonstrations alongside updates on our current products and services, as well as opportunities to meet with Support and Product Managers. There will be plenty of time during the conference to network with other users and Scientia colleagues. The conference is scheduled to finish at 2pm after lunch on the Friday.

Back at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Stansted Airport

Back by popular demand, we have chosen to hold this year’s conference once again at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Stansted Airport ( This venue offers a high level of service and excellent facilities plus it is very accessible by air, road, rail or bus from anywhere within the UK and Europe. It is situated within the main airport terminal, a short walk from the main terminal building.

Book your place now to secure your place

Go to to complete the booking form and secure your place at the conference.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us!

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